Sean Spooner – no longer a young apprentice

Sean Spooner was always smaller than the other boys in his class, but he dwarfed most of them when it came to  having ideas, especially business ideas.

At 16 he was refused entry to the ‘must see’ movie of the time The Inbetweeners – certificate 15 – because he couldn’t prove his age. In an act of teen bravado worthy of any of the rebellious characters in the coming of age movie he was hoping to to view, he suggested that if the ticket clerk checked Google he would discover that the BBC website could provide all the evidence required.

Sean had been making the news since he was just 14. He and his school pal business partner Louis Porter made international headlines when they were named the world’s youngest publishers by an American entrepreneur website after launching the Corby Magazine in their home town.

Since then, he has faced Lord Sugar’s famously wagging ‘finger of doom’ in the Young Apprentice boardroom where he was spectacularly fired, in – guess what – the publishing task. Lord Sugar sir, you know nothing!

Now eighteen – and slightly taller  – the diminutive teen edits the new London glossy, Magnate Magazine, his own brainchild, and is believed to be the city’s youngest magazine editor.

He has already bagged an exclusive interview with mayor Boris Johnson, whose familiar blonde locks appear on the cover of Magnate’s second edition and the MTV award winning singing sensation Conor Maynard.

But it was the weather-beaten face of Sean’s entrepreneurial hero Richard Branson that adorned the cover of the magazine’s first edition.

When asked four years ago by BBC Breakfast TV if he had any advice for Sir Richard, Sean replied meekly, ‘watch out!’. Maybe the big man of Virgin should start taking heed – but one thing’s for certain, this baby Branson is already going places…

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